happy b’day, dad..

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Dear, dad..

i don’t know where to start.. long time since we meet each other.. lately.. i just feel that i miss you.. and i feel kinda worried.. but at the same time, i know there is some awkward between us. maybe because seldom for us to meet each other.. and i just can’t deal the way you treat me as a young girl.. 😛 heeeey.. i’m not a girl anymore, dad.. i’m a woman, now.. haahahaha.. i just missing you so much, dad.. wish we can have some beautiful dinner together with mpus..

take a good care.. please reduce you cigarette, will be better if you quit smoking.. its not good for you.. don’t eat to much rice, fat and other unhealthy food.. remember your diabetes and cholesterol.. 😀 hopefully i can meet you on sunday and make some good and healthy snack for you..

happy b’day dad..  love you so much..




  1. happy birthday om… :-))
    vie, gw kaga nanya anak kecil itu sapa (goodluck) hmmm…itu cowo di belakang bokap pas lo wisuda kayanya gw kenal (hassle)

  2. @idana : sama2, mbak.. thank you atas ucapannya (cozy)

    @tiwi : hahahaha.. gue juga kenal tuh kayaknya.. (rofl) tuh cowok abis jalan2 ke korea lagi.. bikin siriiiik.. (idiot) (angry)

  3. Hepi B’day ya buat ayah Luvie. Senang masih punya seorang ayah (cozy)

    Oh ya ngomong2 siapa ya foto anak kecil itu (evilsmirk) *kabur sebelum dipentung Luvie* (haha)

  4. @plontos : makasih mas plontos.. (worship)

    @elia bintang : thank you elia bintang.. thanks for droping by.. (dance)

    @mas iman : thank you mas iman, and sory for you lost… (cozy) He had a better place now.. (cozy)

    *pentung mas iman yang hampir kabur* (idiot) (idiot) (idiot)

    btw, anak kecilnya lucu dan imut2 yah… (evil_grin)

  5. @dhodie : hihihihi.. just go and meet him.. 😉

    @annosmile : thank youuuu.. (yahoo)

    @nagacentil : anak nakaaaal.. (idiot) 😛

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